Thursday, January 12, 2012

book review for Beyond Molasses Creek by Nicole Seitz

This book and my oppion of it is souly mine i was sent this book to read and review through

Three lives are bound by a single book . . . and the cleansing waters of Molasses Creek.

Having traveled to the ends of the earth as a flight attendant, Ally Green has finally returned to the Lowcountry to bury her father as well as the past. But Vesey Washington is still living across the creek, and theirs is a complicated relationship--he was once her best friend . . . and also part of the reason she's stayed away so long. When Ally discovers a message her father left behind asking her to quit running, it seems her past isn't through with her yet.

Ally Green has been all over the world and has lost her self along the way along with trials and heartaches of life Ally growing up in the South when times were as they were and life between the races was so taboo she had to hide her feelings and her friendship for Vessy Washington , a young black man that lived across Molasses Creek from Ally and her family , Beyond Molasses Creek follows the life and tragedy that Ally has faced over her life time , When she come home to tell her father goodbye after he passed away she found more then she thought that she would ,
I really enjoyed reading this book alot and found my self laughing and crying through it during different parts of it Nicole has written a very easy to read wonderful story and I highly reccomend it to others to read !!

Thanks for checking out my blog and my review for this book !! have a wonderful and Blessed Day !

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review for The Ride of a Lifetime By Kitty McGregor

This is a review of the book The Ride of a Lifetime
By Kitty McGregor I was sent this book through booksneeze and the oppions and thoughts on this book are mine and mine alone Thanks for stopping by to check out my review !

I think right from the start this one had my attention and kept me wanting to read it , Lucas McCade is a retired from the PRCA rodeo circuit, And has been given a chance at a do over for many of the mistakes that he feels that he has made in his marriages and his family and with that chance Lucas his wife Hannah and there son Connor make a move from Texas to Oklahoma where Lucas becomes a Scout Rider and finds his self on a ride of a lifetime that his family never thought they would be on together ! This book takes a very unsuspecting twist about midway through the book and It will make you think , The power of prayer and faith and battling good and evil , Wonderful story line if ya get a chance to check it out I highly suggest it !! Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day