Monday, November 24, 2008

Blog Candy and Awards and Some Shares

Well i have a few awards that i need to pick up off of a few peoples pages and add them onto mine i will get to that soon ! Also Bridgett has some very awesome Blog Candy up for grabs ..and who wouldn't wanna win it this is some pretty cool stuff so here is my card for a loved one that I made for thanksgiving

Ive also made a few others i had honestly planned on getting cards made for all the teachers and what not last week but didn't get them done ! but here's the ones i did get made up !
Have a wonderful and blessed day ! now to finish cleaning up the house for Turkey Day ! and then start on some Christmas presents !

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is all i can think of ....

Its been a pretty long day so i wanted to share this song it kind says exactly how I'm feeling right now with different things going on in my world ! Hope every one has a good weekend !

Rich Mullins - Hold Me Jesus

God Bless I know that there are mountains that when we look at them might look like they are to steep and high to climb gotta remember things happen for a reason and to stay positive ~

I did this earlier this week on another blog post and wanted to share these 5 questions and challenge others to do the same and see if you can search your heart and answer them also !
1-- How long have we been married ? June 16 of this year Jason and I have been married to each other for 7 years and i still get all misty and teary eyed when i look at our wedding pictures or listen to some of the songs played at our wedding

2-- What was the best marriage advice i ever received , I would have to say it was advice that i receive when my first husband and I got married i just didn't pay alot of attention to it you learn from your mistakes no ?but the advice was never go to bed angry with each other from my great grandmother who was married 60 + yrs before my grandfather passed away and the second was to never say things to each other in the heat of a argument that you might later regret or wish you didn't say

3--What has helped us though the bumpy times? Jason and I have been through alot with each other in the 9 years that we have been together I honestly believe that I am married to my soul mate and between that fact and mostly the Power of God we seem to reconnect with each other when things get down and bumpy but now were agreeing to make God a main focus and part of our relationship and marriage and we agreed together to do it

4--Whats your favorite memory with your spouse ? I would have to say our wedding day was one of the top ones I didn't see no one Else that day in the church but my husband ,others would be some of the meaningful conversations we've had with each other and here lately the reignited spark between us its soo wonderful

5--What is it that makes you feel loved the most what is it that your spouse does that speaks volume to you Jason and I seem to have a understanding between one another that some times it is the little things that go unsaid between us that mean the most I know that hes always there for me and if i ever need anything from him hes there he takes care of me and i am grateful for it but the something that speaks volumes to me he does is like right now hes willing to give our marriage a chance with God not with just him and I pulling at the ropes alone that in its self speaks volumes about him and what our marriage means to us both

And on that note i want to leave this post with one more video it does some up the many mixed emotions I'm feeling right now in my life and this song has always been a favorite of mine sense it come out many many years ago I never knew tho it would hit me so hard as it is right now !

Michael W Smith - Place In This World

Monday, November 17, 2008

Words of Encouragement for Monday

I came across this looking around for a video clip to another song this is only a snippet of the Jeremy Camp song There Will Be A Day but he has a very touching devotional before the snipped of the song here is the video also of the song ! Its a powerful song tho and let it remind us all that we are only on this earth in the pain and sorrows dealings with life for a limited time we all have the chance to go to a more beautiful and wonderful place all one day

This song really struck me this morning I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do

my hubby left this week going to work outta town for most of the week so its gonna be a long week And i will try to keep up with posting i have some other things id like to get up this week ! Have a Blessed Day !

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Surfing The Trusty Internet This Morning ,,,

Haha scared ya with that title didn't I ! :) its all good In surfing around tho on the net this morning looking for some answers to some questions battling with in the old head I came across this site its called Marriage Victory and in reading it found that it has some pretty neat ol stuff on it so i wanted to share it with you , Not to mention they also have different categories on the side bar that you can search into on different topics and I also found another site called Crosswalk of life .. As you can see this blog has turned into so much more then my scrapping and card making outlet and If that offends some then I am sorry but As i said in a reply post to a blog over on Slow News Day and I'm quoting my self here on this you can read the full reply there
And all i can do is talk and pray just like the rest of us but ill talk till I'm
purple in the face if it means getting the Word of God out to people and letting
others know in what seem like a mindless hopeless even sometimes loveless
situation that God will see you through it and while you may not always be in
love with your spouse after the honey moon just remember that you did fail in
love with that person and what that love was about ! and to always keep your
faith and hope in your self your marriage and in God strong because he can and
will see you through anything if you just believe I will say a prayer for you
and all other married couples today!

And I will talk till I'm PURPLE in the face and share the wonderful things that's Gods doing in our lives and try to help other couples that I know are struggling with there own marriages in any way that I can God is moving in Jason and I's life and I can feel it and I can see it and its such a awesome thing to feel the presence of GOD in our home .. My intent isn't to offend any one but I do believe that this is my little spot on the good ol Internet cyber world to share the things that I want to share ! About our life , home family and relationship with JESUS CHRIST and my creative works also , remember its titled Glimpses into our fun and crazy lives ! For those of you who come by and read it I thank you and for all of the positive comments they do mean alot But I hope you all have a wonderful day ! say a prayer today for those you love and don't forget that no matter what the day brings and how sometimes something may seem hopeless your never alone ! God is always by your side !

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day !

Gods working in me and while im a work in progress learning each day to love and respect each thing and each new day Come along for the ride cause im loving the outcome !

Because God Intended Marriage to be a GOOD thing!

Ill be posting some pages of work i did here soon tho I promise ! : )

Friday, November 14, 2008

kreativ blogger award

I received this blog award from Christina this morning thanks girl i enjoyed reading your replies to the rule and here s the rules and my answers to them and the next 6 recipients
rules and here they are List 6 things you value six you don't and six receivers.

So my 6 things that i value are ~~~~
1~~ Thing that I value is the fact that God gave his life so that my family and I could have ours and I'm enjoying walking down the path to get closer to him
2~~next would have to be the most amazing husband in the world my soul mate and best friend i don't know what I would do with out him we've come so far together in the last 9 years
3~~then my amazing kids ! i know sounds odd huh lol but in the world in the current state that it is and the way alot of kids i know these day mine are amazing they really are great kids minus the few little things that drive mamma crazy ha ha i love my boys tho
4~~Would have to be the relationship that i have with my parents my mamma is one of my best friends and I do love her and my dad alot !
5~~ Would be those people that i call friends y'all know who u are I don't know what i would do with out you guys u for sure keep me sane and help to keep my looney world in motion !
6~~Is kinda a hard one I am grateful for all that my family and I have especially with the world in the current situation that it is i am thankful especially now to have a home and my family and for my husband to have a good job that enables him to take care of us
And 6 Things that I don't Care too much for ~~
1~I don't like the way our government treats our vets and military personal and others that have served because it isn't fair to them or there families
2~~ I detest the way that our Lord and Savior has been tried and found guilty in our lives people really need to step back and realize it is because of God that we live and stop taking our freedoms of faith and religion out of our schools and lives its our choice just like it is there's to not like it
3~~ Child abuse and Neglect --- its got to stop people children don't ask to be treated that way
4~~ I'm with Christina that wrapping on packages ..... gotta be Houdini to get into that stuff man
5~~ People that use other people for there own better good or usage that ain't right man all people have feelings
6~~Lost loved ones , family and friends ..sometimes one more day would be all that's needed ! I hate not letting them know how i felt about them before they left this earth

Okay now for the people i get to share this wonderful award with !

First is June her work is just wonderful and always has the most vibrant colors to it i enjoy so much looking at it !

Second is Julia another with amazing work that's always great to look at !

Third is Tonya her and i have been through alot in the last 15 yrs and she does amazing work also !

Fourth is Abbie shes a quilter but does amazing work and just had a awesome give away on her blog with a beautiful quilt

Fifth is Suzanne look at her amazing work do i need to say any more :)

Sixth is Simmy I've been in yahoo groups and vc rocks groups with Simmy for 5 years now i believe she does awesome work and is always soo helpful and great for a laugh :)

Well those are my 6 people so many deserve it but these are the 6 i chose I hope that you and your families have a wonderful weekend I am hoping to spend some time with hubby this weekend and get some scrappin done ! So until next time God Bless and have a good one

I received a blog award today from my friend Tonya over at Patch work and Pjs and the way it works is this she wants me to :

The rules for the Encouraged Blogger Award are:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

So my 5 nominees would have to be

The Fireproof Blog

and i have one more his names Paul theres not many male scrappers that I know and I really enjoy going to his page the music is so upbeat and he does awesome work !

I am also the featured blogger on Slow News Day and I really do like the concept behind this blog and want to share it on here with all of you so if you get a chance check out my nominees pages and show some love !
Have a Awesome Blessed and Wonderful Day !

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fireproof --- how strong is your relationship with your spouse?

Have you ever had a day when you thought why in the world am I still in this relationship ? What keeps me staying here day in and day out ? Is this love if so why does it hurt so bad sometimes ? Do I honestly love this person ? All of these are questions and are some that even I have asked my self about Jason and I

Every couple has hard times that they face and no one ever said the road to a happy marriage is perfect straight or easy .. (LORD KNOWS ITS NOT) But the little things in life the small unseen gestures and actions sometimes the words that go left unsaid are things that make you and your spouse truly happy ! Are they not ? Ask your self what the best memory you have with your spouse . Or what is it about your significant other that made you fall in love with them !

I have always like to think that Jason and I have a great relationship with each other I mean we do I know that we talk alot and there is no doubt a unconditional and understanding love between us but I've also come to realize that there are somethings we both take for granted in each other , things that the other does that irritates us and alot of times those things go unsaid ! But we both know we love each other with all of our hearts !

Ive seen many family members , friends and even my self go through troubled marriages when things don't seem like they can or will get any better when I stop and really think about it as I sit here almost every one i know has had a rough patch in there marriage my self included some have made it through it , others separated and then there are some that are still struggling with there's .. Know there is hope and if you still love your spouse even if you don't think you do please read the rest of this post and think about it seriously , remember why you fell in love with them and what attracted you to each other chances are that person still exist in you both !

As some of you know I just finished reading the book Fireproof and it touched me in alot of ways made me think about alot of things and I cant wait for my husband to read it so we can go and see the movie together , It made me realize alot of things alot of the temptations that the devil puts in front of us and things that each and every couple go through its not just us so many but i am feeling the need to share ! That Book is amazing its about a couple that have been married 7 yrs ( Jason and I have been married 7 yrs in June of 08) and they are basically just going through the motions and seem to have lost there love for one another or thought they did .. I'm not going to give it all away but i do recommend highly that EVERY ONE read this book its amazing ! married or just in a relationship it will open you eyes to love life respect for not only your self but your spouse and God him self .. The book really touched me and opened my eyes alot to my own relationship to God and made me realize that while we are great theres always room for improvement and why not fall back in love with my husband all over again ! and at the same time build our marriage on the Vows we took before our family and friends and most importantly God 7 yrs ago ... So here I'm writing in black and white that I vow from this day to change our relationship and try as hard as I can to be a good role model for our children so that they have something to know what a marriage should be based on ! .. I got long winded I know but i just felt the need and the urge to write and write I have ! I hope that if your in a relationship where you question your love or the temptations that have been put before you and your spouse that maybe have drawn a wedge between you both I urge you to please take the time to read this book and think about what its saying ! And reamber that God is always there to listen to your thoughts and prayers even tho you might not get the response or the answer you want he is there and he does listen and no matter what the storm is Praise God thought it cause where he puts you in it he will also pull you through it if you have the belife in him and his will to bless your lives ! Here is the caption about the book and what the story line is about !

The Book Is Called Fireproof by

Capt. Caleb Holt lives by the fire fighter's adage: Never leave your partner behind. However, after seven years of marriage, he and his wife have drifted so far apart that Catherine wishes she had never married. As divorce looms, Caleb's father challenges him to commit to a 40-day experiment he calls "The Love Dare

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day Card .. Share

Our neighbors lost a son in Iraq a few years ago I went to school with there son and today I wanted to make them a little something that lets them know that even tho there son may be gone hes not forgotten and that My family and I are grateful for his sacrifice But i made it for them and will take it over to them here soon I do hope that they like it and know we are all grateful for there son and what he did along with all the other men and women that have lost there life in this war and past ones ! Have a great day and thank you for looking and may God Bless You All

Veterans .. Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to all of the Veterans , all the men and women that have served and vowed to honor and protect and defend our country ! So many people just don't get what these men and women go through and what there spouses and kids go through at home ! I my self am lucky to know a good many people who have served in different wars and who are currently active duty and I thank you all and respect each and every one of you for the brave things that you do and have done for not only Me and my family but for our Country also .. So take a moment today even if you don't know any one that has served or is serving currently and ask God to watch over them and think of them today and each day forward ! So many come back from war and are forgotten and it is sad to know that in the united states its okay for a man or woman to go serve there country and then it seems like when they come home the government forgets about them ! Don't be like our government people ! Remember these people the ones who have lived , lost there lives , friends , family, the ones hurt or injured and the ones still currently serving that are away from there loved ones during this holiday season !
They need our thoughts and prayers every day ..

And I know I've said it before but please keep there families in your thoughts and prayers also these spouses and kids go through so much while there loved ones are deployed and many don't see what goes on behind the smiling faces and the I miss you mommy and daddy signs and pictures ! they all need a word of encouragement to let them know that they aren't alone and that you appreciate what there Husband Wife Mom and Dad are doing ! ..

I hope each and every one of you have a Blessed and Wonderful Day ! Tell A Vet or Solder that you love them ! And thank them for What they do or have done !
My friend Tonya showed me this link this morning with this video on it and I wanted to share it with all of you also !

Monday, November 10, 2008

Facing Life and what it brings to us !

This was out at Plymoth Bluff this past weekend isn't it pretty

The last 2 weeks events have caused me to do a step back and think about things further ! While i may not be all for our new president elect I will say that now hes in office and while i nor any one i know can change that I pray and hope that this nation is ready cause we have a bumpy 4 years to come . I do pray that this man is going to do the things that he promises ..But i am scared for not only my children but every ones children and for this nation as a whole . Its made me step back and think about stuff and I know my family and I are going to study the Word of God more and live our lives as we should by the word of God . I am not trying to push our beliefs on any one and my views and opinions are just that mine ! .But I am not ashamed to say I believe God ! And I hope that if this isn't what alot have predicted Obama to be that its the good Lords way of saying WAKE UP people and live your lives right !

Jason and I watched the movie last night Facing the Giants if you haven't seen that movie yet Insist you watch it its an amazing story of trust and faith and really hit home with both Jason and I we really enjoyed it alot .. I know its the little things in life that make the world go around and while some times it may seem like they are all crazy .. but I've learned its the many kirky little crazy unordinary little things that make life as a whole a completed puzzle . And I'm starting to understand and see so many things in the world around me and in my every day little stuff ! Ask your self have you told your loved ones family and friends that you love them and are thankful for them lately ? Have you stopped and looked around at the beautiful painting that Gods put out there for all of us to see in Nature at all the trees and the way hes changing his canvas ? I know around here its simply beautiful ! stop and take a look u never know what ur missing :) ...

And I don't think that i tell my husband just how much I love him and the things that he does for not only me but the boys he is such a awesome provider and takes such good care of us I don't know what I would do with out him I know id go crazy :) but he is my hero ! I just don't tell him often enough that i appreciate him and the many many things that he does ! heres a recent pic i took of him this past weekend

okay now to update y'all on my pages that I've gotten done . as you can tell I've been working on last years pumpkin patch pictures and a few others i have been doing also for some challenges on groups I'm starting to get a idea of my end of the years totals Ill get them posted soon to share with every one !
Hope you all have a great week ! Ill try and update this thing better then what i have been ! ~~Take care and God Bless ~~