Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Surfing The Trusty Internet This Morning ,,,

Haha scared ya with that title didn't I ! :) its all good In surfing around tho on the net this morning looking for some answers to some questions battling with in the old head I came across this site its called Marriage Victory and in reading it found that it has some pretty neat ol stuff on it so i wanted to share it with you , Not to mention they also have different categories on the side bar that you can search into on different topics and I also found another site called Crosswalk of life .. As you can see this blog has turned into so much more then my scrapping and card making outlet and If that offends some then I am sorry but As i said in a reply post to a blog over on Slow News Day and I'm quoting my self here on this you can read the full reply there
And all i can do is talk and pray just like the rest of us but ill talk till I'm
purple in the face if it means getting the Word of God out to people and letting
others know in what seem like a mindless hopeless even sometimes loveless
situation that God will see you through it and while you may not always be in
love with your spouse after the honey moon just remember that you did fail in
love with that person and what that love was about ! and to always keep your
faith and hope in your self your marriage and in God strong because he can and
will see you through anything if you just believe I will say a prayer for you
and all other married couples today!

And I will talk till I'm PURPLE in the face and share the wonderful things that's Gods doing in our lives and try to help other couples that I know are struggling with there own marriages in any way that I can God is moving in Jason and I's life and I can feel it and I can see it and its such a awesome thing to feel the presence of GOD in our home .. My intent isn't to offend any one but I do believe that this is my little spot on the good ol Internet cyber world to share the things that I want to share ! About our life , home family and relationship with JESUS CHRIST and my creative works also , remember its titled Glimpses into our fun and crazy lives ! For those of you who come by and read it I thank you and for all of the positive comments they do mean alot But I hope you all have a wonderful day ! say a prayer today for those you love and don't forget that no matter what the day brings and how sometimes something may seem hopeless your never alone ! God is always by your side !

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day !

Gods working in me and while im a work in progress learning each day to love and respect each thing and each new day Come along for the ride cause im loving the outcome !

Because God Intended Marriage to be a GOOD thing!

Ill be posting some pages of work i did here soon tho I promise ! : )


Tonya said...

thank you for commenting on slow news day - i hope the blog takes off real soon and gets alot more people added to our blog roll and praying. I've enjoyed watching your transformation as God works in your life. Always share it because we are called to SPREAD the GOOD NEWS!

Christina said...

Well it's good to see you so happy. I am glad you are happy to share no matter what!

Bridgett said...

I appreciate your willingness to share your faith. It's also comforting to see other Christian women who do not have the PERFECT marriage! So often it seems like we are supposed to have it altogether but there are days when none of us do! It's great to hear that we should turn to God in those moments of weakness and let Him carry us through! Share on, girl!

Chrissy D said...

Amber - I agree with Tonya! I just noticed you read my Overflow and Growth blog - I updated it! God has really laid it on my heart to share what He is doing in my life too - I am glad to have a sister in Christ with you!