Sunday, September 28, 2008

been busy busy :) latest weekend shares and SBS 24 Blog Challange #1

Its sunday and the on SBS there was a challange for a card using your favorite things well I made a card with one of my favorite stamp sets Stipple Rose and Elegant Inspirations for my favorite person my dear hubby ! U cant really tell it well there is pearl ex all over the card and I used versa mark and watercolor crayons also the rose is all watercolored in its not the best picture of it but it does look really pretty in person

Also as i mentioned in my last blog i needed to get my youngest sons birthday party invites done well they are done in the envies and ready to go to school tomarrow I made 10 of these and heres what they look like im kinda iffy on them but ive been told there cute and he loves them so thats all the matters

And i also managed to finish off the few pics of the aquarium that i found i think that i may have some big ones to do now that we took there its self and then all the pamplets ticket stubbs etc and then i think that everything from Summer 2007 for Neal (the olest) will be done and then i can finally start our family vacation to Tn ! I cant wait for it ! And gotta at least get it started beings we have another vacation to Tn in Dec comin lol

And other then that all were doing for today is hanging around the house im gettin some laundry done and ive managed to clean up my table altho funny its a mess again ! I think i like it better this way at least i can find what i just used. Weare also waiting on news from my mom to see if the new arrivial in the family has arrived and see if its a boy or a girl my uncle and his wife are expecting and were all hoping that they finally get there boy ! :) So ill post for sure all my fingers and toes are crossed for a boy

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Saturday ! Any One Scrappin This Weekend

Well here it is another Sat and I still have the scrappin bug ! I went over to a friends house last night and managed to get 6 pages done there and came home and finished another giving me 7 for yeasterday .. Yay me that goal of 150 by the end of the year might be closer in reach then I thought .. I plan on doing some more scrappin today and tomarrow so be on the look out for another post coming soon I also have some Football birthday party invites to get out this weekend or first part of next week for my youngest sons birthday party!! the duties of a scrappin mamma never end ! Well heres my pages I enjoy all the comments and appreciate every one lookin at the blog ! have a great weekend

and as you can see the theme for last night was christmas ! You never know what subject im gonna be working on ive got a few more aquarium pics from Tn i'll be putting up soon is what im working on today then im not sure if itll be fall pictures from the pumpkin patch last yr or beach or casino pictures from a few yrs ago when hubby and i went ..
Also wanted to add on here any one need anything from Stampin Up? Let me know

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yayy wed is over :) Hubby comes home tomarrow :)

Okay so wed isn't over quiet yet but soon and my hubby comes back in town tomorrow so that makes it all good :) I've managed to get a few more pages done in the last few days and wanted to share them with every one I am going back through all of my old pictures that I have that are loose and trying to get caught up if that ever exists in a scrappers world :) But here are the pages that i have done the last 2 days
and of course my Sassy that has to help me scrapbook she is usually where ever I am and is a good camera ham :) And with these pages so far that puts me at 86 of my own 12x12's for the year and i thinkim not sure if theres some hiddin some where that are still packed up but i think this is all of them and if i add in the others i did for a friend of mine on pages alone gives me at least 126 pages for the year not including all the swaps and cards so i don't guess I'm doing to shabby normally i keep a good running total but this has been a long yr i know Ive done almost 160 cards this yr and a bunch of swaps so over all I'm pleased now if i can just 100 pages of my own before the end of the yr ( christina u hear that its my goal so push push push me to do it ) id love to do 150 but well see ha ha ! would only be 64 more between now and the end of Dec and i know that those of you who know me are thinking if i set my mind to it i can do it ha ha we will see its been a LONG yr ! Well i just wanted to get these posted to share with every one . Jason comes home tomorrow Yayy me and the boys are soo glad have missed him lots and lots this week and we may have friends coming over tomorrow so i gotta get up work out and clean the house up ! So hope every one has a blessed night and a blessed and wonderful day tomorrow !

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday Everybody ~

Just wanted to take a min and get on here update every one on our weekend as always it was a pretty busy one we went to a car show in town this weekend with the boys and saw some really pretty old cars and the guys all enjoyed that I also went over to Yvonne's fri night to scrapbook with her and her friend Tonya and had a wonderful time it was nice to be able to sit and scrapbook with other people I had a really good time and over the course of the weekend ive managed to get a couple if pages done and have really enjoyed doin that and spending the time with my family this weekend I will go back and tag every body thats tagged me over the last few days and comment on every ones blog's ive got some kind of stupid virus on the desktop and i cant get it off hubbys working on that before he leaves tomarrow to go back out of town so if i get the chance today on the lap top to do it all between the million other monday things I will !But if i dont bare with me i will soon .
These are all the pages i managed to get done this weekend I hope that you all have a great monday ! take care and god bless

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a weekend recap ...:) ya i know its wed lol

We have had a pretty busy weekend my hubbys bday was Sat so we went out to eat for his birthday at a mexican resteraunt here in town great food and company as always we had alot of fun and then we went to see the move Mirror .....weird movie haha but it was pretty good we enjoyed it and I do belive he had a good bday !
I also have joined the SBS 24 and im looking forward to getting to know the other stampers from that group too ! Its wed and feels like monday folks I hope that every one is having a wonderful and blessed day and ill add more along with some of my pages ive done the last few days here in a day or 2 ! I am looking forward to getting together friday night with some local people and scrapbooking im pretty siked about that so be on the look out for more to come !

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stampin Up and What Its All About

Do you enjoy Scrapbooking , Cardmaking or even Home Décor do you enjoy making personalized gifts to give to family and friends ? Everybody enjoys receiving a homemade card or gift from some one it brightens peoples day to know that you put the effort and time into making something just for them !
If you enjoy scrapbooking and have never used stamps in your books or have wanted to try to use them in your scrapbooking or making cards but have been unsure have some questions please don’t hesitate to ask me about them and I will answer them for you …
Let me tell you a little bit about Stampin Up , we are a Rubberstamping and Scrapbook Supply Company where you can shop straight from home ! Even in your Pjs J Or you can have a workshop if your in the Columbus area , or do a catalog party where you can collect outside orders and get the hostess benefits off of the work shop A little bit about our products Stampin Up offers a wide line of exclusive Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking products our Stamps are one of a kind and are wood mounted rubber stamps you can get them in any number of themes from holidays , occasions ,growing up , all natural , elements , and greetings and with 100’s of sets to choose from im sure you can find a favorite or two to use on your projects We also have our own line of 48 exclusive colors in 4 color groups we have Bold Brights with fun and bright colors , Earth Elements with your earth tone colors , Rich Regals have a cross between the bold and earth in rich bold colors and we have the Soft Subtles witch are your soft baby tone colors that have a really soft feel to them Then we have 7 neutrals and 6 in colors the Neutrals are your earthy black vanilla browns and grays and the In colors are 6 popular colors that change with each book that are big in the décor and fashion and scrapbooking industry . We also carry Cardstock , Ink Pads , Markers and Chalk in our colors to coordinate your projects all together, Other things we carry for your crafting needs , we have pattern paper in some cute themes , punches , brads , eyelets , chipboard , ribbon, buttons , embossing accessories for both heat and dry embossing , and albums we are now carrying a home décor line and the Sizzix Big Shot with some exclusive die cuts for it and you can also use it with your other sizzix dies So as you can see there is a lot to choose from .. You can visit my web site at and if you have any questions or would like to place a order please contact me and let me know . And if you would be interested in holding a workshop let me know and ill explain how that all works to you

I am also wanting to start up a Hostess Club and the hostess club works like this ,
I know not every one can afford to order enough to pull off a hostess order by them self but some of the hostess sets are really cute and the only way that you can get them is to place a order that qualifies well here’s a way to do both and it not cost you a fortune .. So what happens is this I am looking for at least 6 people if I get more then that and up to 12 I will do 2 different groups and you are more then welcome to be in both groups if u can commit to it and I ask if you do please make sure you fulfill your commitment because its not fair to those who do for ones that don’t ! But the hostess club works like this Say I have 6 people and each person agrees to spend a minimum of $30.00-us before taxes and shipping and if the 6 people all spend there minimum only of 30 dollars that would make the hostess party total 180 dollars witch would get you a level one hostess set and 15 dollars in free merchandise .. Now each month ( I will go in sign up order for this ) a different person out of the 6 in the group would get all of the hostess benefits ! Witch would be the level one hostess set and the 15 in free merchandise and on your hostess month if your wanting a level 2 or 3 hostess set that would be the month to gather outside orders or order a little more then your normal minimum to try and get the sets the outside orders can come from family , friends co workers etc .. So if this sounds like something you are interested in participating in please let me know I want to get one of these started up pretty soon also if you have any questions please feel free to ask me
Thank you and have a blessed and wonderful day if you have any questions please ask make sure you check out my web site
there you can see the Idea Book and Catalog in Color and also see the Mini Catalog and all promotions that are going on !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My card for this weeks blog challange

This is my card for the challange that Christina and Bridgett posted on there blogs for this week it was to do a card using no embelishments of any kind ! I think this little guys cute and here s one for fall its right around the corner i hope

Never Forget ! And Always Remember

Today is a day unlike so many where most people seem to want to remember our Lord and the many wonderful things that he has done for us or for those who lost there lives on 9-11 While i don't want to seem to be light on that because my heart does go out to the men women and children and there families ,that did lose there life so terribly on 9-11 or for the families of those who did I also want to take a min to reflect on and be thankful for our Military Men , Women and there Children the husbands and wives and the kids who have also lost some one due to this war and the events of 9-11 I feel our military personal and families don't get half the credit and the THANK YOUS for there duties and the things that they have to go through to protect My Family and the Families and those I love , Ive spent a good part of my life living in military towns where there are military bases and families and I am friends with several whose families have had to deal with this war and the effects of it first hand I am sure many of us almost all of us know some one who has a loved one who has served , died or lost some one so please take a moment today to think about them and lift your loved ones military or not and your friends in family up in a word or prayer today especially but every day if you can remember to do so !

I want to take a min to say Thank You God my self right now for blessing me with the many wonderful things in my life that hes given to me and to my family because i am blessed to have and be married to my soul mate and we have 3 wonderful children God has blessed us and our family with a happy home . And I am grateful for my parents and while i may not completely understand and or agree with them most or even part of the time I am grateful for my family and friends and wish for them all to have peace and know that God is with them and no matter how bad things may seem for them right now or how bad the situation that they are in may be it can and will get better if you just believe the power of prayer is a wonderful and amazing thing. I believe we make our own paths in life and we walk down our own roads But i also believe that if God puts you in the situation he will see you through the situation if you do believe in him and in his word

So take don't ever take today or any other day for granted always tell your family and loved ones that you love them and that you think about them say a prayer it don't take but a min and it doesn't hurt to know that some one is always watching out for you and the ones that you love ! And do remember those that have passed on before you not just those from 9-11 but while so many today will stop and remember those from this day i hope you will also stop and be grateful for all you have today also And say a prayer for those you love and know that God is with you and will see you through what lies ahead So take today to REMEMBER AND BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE !

I hope that you all have a blessed and wonderful day thank you for touching my life in the way that you have and for taken the time to read my little blog here

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting Started Here ....

Well ive been told by a few people that i needed to have one of these so here goes ! Lets see if i can do it right and manage to keep up with it ....
Things around here are going pretty well being back in Mississippi hasnt been all that bad I done guess altho I do miss Mel and Alabama and the beautiful area we lived in .. The boys seem to be adjusting pretty well to school here its been back in now for a little over a month its hard to belive that Neals in the 7th grade already and Bret and BradLee are in the 4th seems like just yeasterday Bubba was starting kdg and the other 2 handnt even thought about school yet ..times flownnn by But the kids are making friends around here and I am glad about that plus they are getting to see a little more of there cousins being here in Mississippi so i guess thats a pretty good thing .. Jasons working for a glass company here in Columbus and seems to like it alot it takes him outta town from time to time but over all i dont guess thats a bad thing hes alot happier with this one then any hes been with sense weve been together speaking of that I cant belive that Jason and I have been together for 9 years already and weve been married for 7 now I love him like craZy and never in a million years did i ever think i could be this happy with somebody ....
As for me and what ive been up too well im still into scrapbooking altho lately all ive been making is cards but i have gotten a good bit of pages done for the year so far too I am almost done with Neals Summer Outings from 2 Summers ago now then i get to start on our Vacation Pictures from when we went to Tn that summer I cant wait to get started on them we had a blast when we went .. I am still selling Stampin Up you can check out my web site at is hard to belive ive been doing that for the last 5 yrs now I got my 5 yr pen from Stampin Up in the mail a while back was kinda tickled to get that from them .. If your intreasted in placing a order or have any questions about Stampin Up or getting started in it all let me know ill be glad to answer them if i can and if i cant ill find the answer too it ! I am still a SAHM thats the greatest Job i could have and lord knows it keeps me pretty busy but wouldnt trade it for nothing I am glad to be able to have the option to be able to be at home with my kids them and Jason are what makes my world go around !
Well ive rambled on enough here mabie this will be something i can keep up with I hope so itll be a good way to share the things that make me happy and things i love with my friends and family ! If youve made it this far thanks for reading and have a blessed and wonderful day !