Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday Everybody ~

Just wanted to take a min and get on here update every one on our weekend as always it was a pretty busy one we went to a car show in town this weekend with the boys and saw some really pretty old cars and the guys all enjoyed that I also went over to Yvonne's fri night to scrapbook with her and her friend Tonya and had a wonderful time it was nice to be able to sit and scrapbook with other people I had a really good time and over the course of the weekend ive managed to get a couple if pages done and have really enjoyed doin that and spending the time with my family this weekend I will go back and tag every body thats tagged me over the last few days and comment on every ones blog's ive got some kind of stupid virus on the desktop and i cant get it off hubbys working on that before he leaves tomarrow to go back out of town so if i get the chance today on the lap top to do it all between the million other monday things I will !But if i dont bare with me i will soon .
These are all the pages i managed to get done this weekend I hope that you all have a great monday ! take care and god bless


Leona said...

WOW you have been busy ... wish i had it in me at the moment!

Glad you had a nice weekend speak soon Leona x

Chrissy D said...

Gorgeous layouts! I get to go scrapbooking in a few weeks I can't wait!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pages! Helps get my mojo flowin'. :)

kc_froglady said...

WOW you had a busy weekend! Great pages and the boys look great posed in front of that car!

Sally said...

I think you got more than a couple of layouts done this weekend!! Fantastic. I was at a Crop this weekend, and didn't seem to get any one thing finished! Love your style.

Sally - SBS24

Wendy G. said...

Welcome to our SBS 24 group! Great job on the scrapbook pages! I look forward to visiting your blog and seeing more of your work!

wendy g

Kerry D-C said...

wow, LOTS of great pages!!! What handsome boys!

Kathy W said...

whoo, what a great load of pages, way to go to get that many done.
welcome to sbs24!

Ed said...

I love your scrapbook layouts, and the papers you used !!

Little Miss Sparkle said...

Hey Amber! :)

Welcome to the Sisterhood... you have been tagged...check out my post on my site today called "I've Been Tagged" to get the details...LOVE your layouts...I am getting ready to go to a Scrapbook retreat in two weeks and work on some pages and more altered books. I can't wait to get to know each other better!

Shannon (a.k.a. Little Miss Sparkle)