Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Saturday ! Any One Scrappin This Weekend

Well here it is another Sat and I still have the scrappin bug ! I went over to a friends house last night and managed to get 6 pages done there and came home and finished another giving me 7 for yeasterday .. Yay me that goal of 150 by the end of the year might be closer in reach then I thought .. I plan on doing some more scrappin today and tomarrow so be on the look out for another post coming soon I also have some Football birthday party invites to get out this weekend or first part of next week for my youngest sons birthday party!! the duties of a scrappin mamma never end ! Well heres my pages I enjoy all the comments and appreciate every one lookin at the blog ! have a great weekend

and as you can see the theme for last night was christmas ! You never know what subject im gonna be working on ive got a few more aquarium pics from Tn i'll be putting up soon is what im working on today then im not sure if itll be fall pictures from the pumpkin patch last yr or beach or casino pictures from a few yrs ago when hubby and i went ..
Also wanted to add on here any one need anything from Stampin Up? Let me know


Christina said...

Love it Girlie. Only 89 days till Christmas! It's begininng to look a lot like Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Great pages! I can't believe Christmas is aprroaching again!

Leona said...

Wow so busy im jealous these all look fab..... can u come and do mine lol.. Hugs Leona x

Kerry D-C said...

oooooh, these are FAB! I particularly love the "Brookesville" layout...great pics too.