Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget ! And Always Remember

Today is a day unlike so many where most people seem to want to remember our Lord and the many wonderful things that he has done for us or for those who lost there lives on 9-11 While i don't want to seem to be light on that because my heart does go out to the men women and children and there families ,that did lose there life so terribly on 9-11 or for the families of those who did I also want to take a min to reflect on and be thankful for our Military Men , Women and there Children the husbands and wives and the kids who have also lost some one due to this war and the events of 9-11 I feel our military personal and families don't get half the credit and the THANK YOUS for there duties and the things that they have to go through to protect My Family and the Families and those I love , Ive spent a good part of my life living in military towns where there are military bases and families and I am friends with several whose families have had to deal with this war and the effects of it first hand I am sure many of us almost all of us know some one who has a loved one who has served , died or lost some one so please take a moment today to think about them and lift your loved ones military or not and your friends in family up in a word or prayer today especially but every day if you can remember to do so !

I want to take a min to say Thank You God my self right now for blessing me with the many wonderful things in my life that hes given to me and to my family because i am blessed to have and be married to my soul mate and we have 3 wonderful children God has blessed us and our family with a happy home . And I am grateful for my parents and while i may not completely understand and or agree with them most or even part of the time I am grateful for my family and friends and wish for them all to have peace and know that God is with them and no matter how bad things may seem for them right now or how bad the situation that they are in may be it can and will get better if you just believe the power of prayer is a wonderful and amazing thing. I believe we make our own paths in life and we walk down our own roads But i also believe that if God puts you in the situation he will see you through the situation if you do believe in him and in his word

So take don't ever take today or any other day for granted always tell your family and loved ones that you love them and that you think about them say a prayer it don't take but a min and it doesn't hurt to know that some one is always watching out for you and the ones that you love ! And do remember those that have passed on before you not just those from 9-11 but while so many today will stop and remember those from this day i hope you will also stop and be grateful for all you have today also And say a prayer for those you love and know that God is with you and will see you through what lies ahead So take today to REMEMBER AND BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE !

I hope that you all have a blessed and wonderful day thank you for touching my life in the way that you have and for taken the time to read my little blog here

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