Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is all i can think of ....

Its been a pretty long day so i wanted to share this song it kind says exactly how I'm feeling right now with different things going on in my world ! Hope every one has a good weekend !

Rich Mullins - Hold Me Jesus

God Bless I know that there are mountains that when we look at them might look like they are to steep and high to climb gotta remember things happen for a reason and to stay positive ~

I did this earlier this week on another blog post and wanted to share these 5 questions and challenge others to do the same and see if you can search your heart and answer them also !
1-- How long have we been married ? June 16 of this year Jason and I have been married to each other for 7 years and i still get all misty and teary eyed when i look at our wedding pictures or listen to some of the songs played at our wedding

2-- What was the best marriage advice i ever received , I would have to say it was advice that i receive when my first husband and I got married i just didn't pay alot of attention to it you learn from your mistakes no ?but the advice was never go to bed angry with each other from my great grandmother who was married 60 + yrs before my grandfather passed away and the second was to never say things to each other in the heat of a argument that you might later regret or wish you didn't say

3--What has helped us though the bumpy times? Jason and I have been through alot with each other in the 9 years that we have been together I honestly believe that I am married to my soul mate and between that fact and mostly the Power of God we seem to reconnect with each other when things get down and bumpy but now were agreeing to make God a main focus and part of our relationship and marriage and we agreed together to do it

4--Whats your favorite memory with your spouse ? I would have to say our wedding day was one of the top ones I didn't see no one Else that day in the church but my husband ,others would be some of the meaningful conversations we've had with each other and here lately the reignited spark between us its soo wonderful

5--What is it that makes you feel loved the most what is it that your spouse does that speaks volume to you Jason and I seem to have a understanding between one another that some times it is the little things that go unsaid between us that mean the most I know that hes always there for me and if i ever need anything from him hes there he takes care of me and i am grateful for it but the something that speaks volumes to me he does is like right now hes willing to give our marriage a chance with God not with just him and I pulling at the ropes alone that in its self speaks volumes about him and what our marriage means to us both

And on that note i want to leave this post with one more video it does some up the many mixed emotions I'm feeling right now in my life and this song has always been a favorite of mine sense it come out many many years ago I never knew tho it would hit me so hard as it is right now !

Michael W Smith - Place In This World


Bridgett said...

Great post! I like the videos, too.

Leona said...

Lovely post as usual here hun i have an award over on my blog for you!

Tonya said...

You've another blog award, come get it.