Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review for The Encounter By Steve Arterburn

I picked up this one not sure how it was gonna be from Booksneeze as my latest book to read and review ! And my oppions of this book are my own !

The Encounter By Steve Arterburn is a pretty good fast paced quick read , I wasnt sure quit what I was expecting when I ordered this one but it was a pretty enjoyable read , Showing how Faith and Gods grace if you just believe and what forgiveness can do for a family

After years of feeling like his mother abandoning him as a child Jonathan Rush is sent in search of healing for his heart and anger problems and finds out that things are what they had appeared to be !! And along the way has appeared to bond with Mercy the persistent reporter who volenters to help him in his search for his mother Its a pretty good read ! I enjoyed it !

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