Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Review for Sweeter Than Birdsong By Rosslyn Elliott

First and foremost this is my own opinion I received this book from booksneeze to read and review and my thoughts and opinions of this book are mine and mine alone !

I really wish that I had read the first book in this set first , But that being said ! Even reading this one first I was really pleased with the way the story was written , This is one of those books that when you start reading it you just dont want to put it down !! Kate Winters is a young 18 yr old woman living in the 1800's with a mother who wants to control her life and her everymove ! It's 1855 and Mrs Winters is about to graduate from Otterbein College when she fails to pass the speaking requirement. Given a second chance, Kate is forced to obey her mother's edicts and entertain a wealthy suitor. and try out for a part in a Musical that the soon to be famous Ben Hanby is in charge of ! Frustrated with her family and longing to live a meaningful life, She goes off on with a family also from Westerville to hear her dear friend play at an event ! ,But Kate finds her self on an adventure of a lifetime dealing with the Underground Railroad and helping African Americans escape the bondage's of being slavery , and thats when her life really beings ! I really enjoyed reading this book and would reccomend it to anyone who loves historical fiction ! Mrs Elliott has done a wonderful job of bringing fiction and non fiction together in this story and at the end of the book explains just why she used the people involved in her story and why she was impacted by there story !!

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