Monday, June 4, 2012

Heaven In Her Arms

Heaven in Her Arms: Why God Chose Mary to Raise His Son and What It Means for You I wasnt sure that I my self was going to enjoy this book when I got it from Booksneeze , How ever I couldnt be more surprised at the easy and free flowing way that Mrs Hickem drew you into the story of how Many Mothers Including my self might look at the Life of Mary the Mother or Our Lord and Savior through her eyes ! I have to agree that she does seem to know her Bible Quite well and has a way of making you understand the point that she is trying to get across in this story and how the story of Mary it makes you realize that she wasnt a older lady and that challenges and fears the love of her son that she must have felt watching him grow and face the challenges in his life that he faced and ultimitly being there and watching her Son , the Son of her Flesh be crucified The many emotions she must have felt ! I HIGHLY recommend this book to any Mothers Aunts Grandmothers you name it I know it made me look at being a Mother to my boys in a while different light Id love nothing more to be able to share this book with all the Women that I know and have them all ready it ! A excellent book ! Thanks for stopping By !! God Bless and Have a Blessing Filled Day

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