Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soul Secrets ---- When Its Hard To Forgive

I know that I like so many others have strugled with forgiving people that have hurt us in one way or another because some times its soo hard , While reading in my bible this morning at church I was looking ahead and came upon this on one of the pages . I really like it and the way that it touched me I hope that these words may also touch you today if you are in need of forgiving some one whose done wrong to you also ! have a great and wonderful day , God is so amazing and with him all things are possible including forgiving ......

Lord there is nothing harder then trying to forgive when you've been desperately wounded Its worse when the offenders show no remorse but gloat over the pain they have brought into your life And that's where I am.. I do not want to forgive
But I know enough to understand that the command of Your Holy Word is forgiveness no matter what you have not given me an option
Help me to realize that unforgiven can kill it can kill my friendships my joy even my body So Lord i am choosing today to forgive all those who have stolen from me all who have broken my heart and wounded my body or my soul all who have haunted me for years In the name of Jesus I forgive
Thank you Lord for strength to walk out this forgiveness in my life Thank you for using it as a testimony to the power of your love and Thank you that as I choose to forgive moment by moment the feelings will follow

Is that not just amazing and such a reminder of just how amazing and wonderful our GOD truly is ! To show us how to forgive others just as he forgives us ! I hope you have a blessed week !


Christina said...

forgiveness is always hard but with time i think we get there with hel from our savior

Little Miss Sparkle said...

Jesus never said that it was easy...just necessary..we need to forgive not only for the other person, but for ourselves even more Amber. Everytime we do it, it brings us that much closer to God. Remember, not everyone has the same closeness to God that some of us do...they don't know any better until you show them how to live and act through your own example. Prayers headed your way girlfriend :)


1wayin said...

Forgiveness has been so healing. I was incapable of doing that until is humbly sought the forgiveness of my God through His Son, Jesus.
Amen. have you ever seen the video on ?
Pastor Francis Chan offers that gift. very cool tool to share Christ with others. in His Love,
lisa, a saved stamper