Sunday, August 23, 2009

How are you doing today ?

Alrighty I just wanted to take a second and check in and see how everybody summer has gone well , Ours has been pretty busy especially for the last few weeks the boys are back in school so far so good there :) I had my first workshop for Stampin Up in probley a 1 1/2 and it went great ! I look forward to hanging out with all the ladies again soon and hope to do some more workshops , I am finally caught back up on my scripture pages :) YAYYY i know i just gotta get them posted not sure what order im gonna do the blogs in theres about 11 of them I have to post plus all the stuff from my workshop that I want to share with you all and the new pics of the boys , Maybe in the next week i can sit down and catch my blog up and get everything back rolling again ! I know small steps lol :) , Im excited to get back to working on on Tn Vacation from a few years ago , so thats in the cards this week along with a few other things so be on the look out I am gonna get the blog back up and running good ! Thanks for stoping by I hope you have a blessed and wonderful week !


Christina said...

Well one can hope we are getting them up and running. I can't wait to see new stuff from you!

Tonya said...

Funny how life can seem to go back to "normal" once the kids go back to school uh?