Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Review for The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

I joined booksneeze so that I could read and review books , This is just my oppion on this book and I must say while i was hesitant to begin with reading it Once I did I couldn't put the book down ,
Mr Andrew draws you into time travel and pondering questions and answer that will make you stop and think seriously about what you are reading , The book is very well written and I found my self laughing a few times while reading it because of some of the things the character's which i have got to add are well known and a wonderful assortment of them drawn together so easily from Ab Lincoln to Washington Anne Frank , Gabriel and so many others that made the travel through this book extremely enjoyable and I highly recommend this book to others to read , I look forward to finding other books of Mr Andrews and sharing this one I personally think also that it could reach several different ages that would find it a great summer time read !! Check it out the book is really good !! Id love to know what others that read it think about it as well !! Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day

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