Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book Review For A Place Called Blessing

I started this book yesterday and finished it up just a few moments ago and had to share this review of this book , AMAZING is all I can say , Very touching and heartfelt with alot of emotions and feelings that so often as adults seem to be not thought about a child and the struggles and issues that they deal with in and out of the world and how they view them , This book is a must read ,That is heartfelt with many different emotions and feelings I am truly glad that I ordered this one to read and plan on passing it around for several others to read , This isnt one that as you start reading it that you think you will have it figured out right away , And I must say it didnt end like I thought that it would so I highly recommend this book to read It left me with tears in my eyes and brought alot of memories back to me as well of things in my own life ! Check it out its well worth it

Happy Summer Reading !!
God Bless And Always Count Your Blessings !

John Trent , Ph D
A Place Called Blessing

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