Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review For With by Skye Jethani

The spine of this book has on it re imagining the way you relate yo God !
And that is a understatement to the way that Mr Jethani breaks down the differences in the many types of relationships that people tend to have with God , I have had a sort of hard time with this book in the sense that he is kind of confusing in some of his wording with in it , But once past those points , I do clearly see why we as a society have broken down our Own relationships with God , with in the church , life , community and in our own homes ,But even more important i see why he has said the things that he has because they do make sense we tend to put God on a shelf and pull him down when we need him , Or we find our selves when we are in trouble , hurting , in pain , when the country is in turmoil and our life doesn't seem to be going right that's when we also tend to pull God out and put him on display , When in all actuality we should Have God first in our hearts Daily , When we get up in the morning during the day and before we go to bed at night !! It should be a God thing all the time not just when we need him in our minds , Cause in our Hearts and Lives we always need him !! A quote from with in the book that really stood out to me was this --- Its by Os Guinness , First and foremost we are called to some one (GOD) not to be something (such as motherhood politics or teaching ) IN other words its not our circumstances or behaviors or radical decisions that give our lives meaning or hope, but our unity with God himself !!

Id recommend this book for those that want to read and deepen there understand and relationship with God Ive enjoyed reading it and look forward to sharing it with others

The oppions that I have posted about this book are my own ! Dont take my word for it read the book yourself and search within your soul to see where it takes you !

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