Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Letting Go by Michelle Sutton !

Its no secret that I love to read , I had entered on a blog for a chance to win Michelle Sutton's book Letting Go, And I won the book , And all I can say about it is WOW , This book covers the topics that so many Christians try to hide and not deal with and it hit home to me in so many ways , I started reading the book last night and I DID NOT want to put it down ,Michelle this is the first one of your books I have ever read and I am looking forward to reading Many Many more of them , I don't want to give to many spoilers about the book because I think its a must read for many And I am defiantly looking forward to reading book 2 in the series !! Gods amazing Love and giving us forgiveness even when we think that we arent worthy of his love or forgiveness !! But we are worthy and he is willing to give it to us all we have to do is trust him and ask him and let him guide us !! If ya get the chance pick it up and read it !! It is so worth it !! Here is a little peak at what the cover has on it

Letting Go - From an early age Diane Simmons was trained by her parents in the art of seduction, but she hates that about herself and wants to be loved for who she is, not what she looks like. Outwardly she appears to have everything a woman could want. She's a successful attorney with a perfect figure, yet she's miserable and alone and often attracted to the wrong men. She longs for a husband and a family of her own, but men lie to her. She's mystified, wondering why she can't find true love when it seems like she's doing everything right. After using fashion magazines and romance novels as guides for finding true love and continually failing, Diane gives up on romance after being lied to by yet another boyfriend. She finally realizes the world's view of love is totally unrealistic and distorted. She wants to find a better way, but she has no clue where to look.

Is a perfect example that in Life we have to let go and Let God !!

Have a Great Day !!


Michelle Sutton said...

Thanks for such an enthusiastic review. I appreciate your kind words and your willingness to post about my book on your blog. :)

Amber said...

You are so very welcome Michelle and I cant wait to read more of your books have a great night !