Monday, October 3, 2011

Waking Hours .. Lis Wiehl .book review

My review and oppions of this book are all my own , and I received the book to read and voice my oppion on ,

Waking Hours by Liehl and Pete Nelson is a thriller book about a murder and odd occurances happening in East Salem, NY. Dani is a foresenis phychiatrist working for the DA office when the murder of teenage girl occurs During her investigation is runs into her teenage crush Tommy. Together they try and solve the crime and all of the other odd occurances around town before anyone esle gets hurt.
And thought questioning those that are all involved this thriller will keep you turning your pages until the very end will all the twist and turns that it has in it !!

I found this book to be a very enjoyable mystery filled book that kept me into it and turning the pages , Waking Hours is a book that will make you think and there are so many different possibilities to the story that it will keep you reading and turning the pages to get to the end , The book is a very well written Murder Mystery and I highly recommend it to others to read I am looking forward my self to reading the rest of the series when they come out

Thanks for reading my review and have a blessed and wonderful day !

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