Saturday, January 3, 2009

~~~ Happy New Year ~~~And my Goals for the New Year

Wow can you believe that its 2009 already ,
I for sure cant :) We have had so much going on sense Thanksgiving I have hardly posted anything on my blog ! We've been so super busy tho , Sense thanksgiving between it and the 20 of Dec i did 40 pages for that book to my Aunt and Uncle ( which they just loved the book my mom did pages for it too and it turned out cute ), We spent a WONDERFUL week in the beautiful Smokey Mountains for Christmas we spent it with my parents , and my aunt and uncle and there family it was really nice and was pretty as always up there ill post pictures soon of our trip , we came home last Saturday from Tn and my Mother in law and her husband came in Sunday and stayed until Tue , that was another nice visit it was good to see them both and we all enjoyed the time that they were here , Then Wed we had my oldest sons bday party his bday is the 29Th then that night after the party we went to some Holly and Clints and spent new years eve with friends and family and had a great time we all really enjoyed our selves and it was soo good to just relax , Thur haha I got to sleep in finally and OH how amazing that felt and now yesterday and today were just kinda hanging out and vegging around the house before the boys all go back to school on Monday and hubby goes back to work , Then i get to start on my Goals for 2009

And my Goals for 2009 are as follows

1. I want to strengthen my relationships , With God , My Husband , Kids , Family and Friends each day is a wonderful thing and I want to learn more about the things in my life that bring me joy and follow closer with God because i know that through him all of my other goals aren't out of reach and are possible

2. I want to continue to work on losing the weight that I am trying to lose for a better , healthier and happier me my goal is to be sexy by 30 and so far sense July of last year when i first started working on losing the weight I'm down 35 lbs to date So far 2009 I'm gonna continue to get more excerisie , work out more and continue to use spark people its a great site that allows you to keep track of your calorie, food , exercise and weight loss ,If you join spark people look me up my id on there is amber083 I am a big fan of the TV show the Biggest Loser and have been sense it started , Last year tho i decided to take the stand and make the change for me because i was no longer happy in my own body and i know I'm not as healthy as i should be , I do want to be around to spend many happy years with my wonderful husband and kids , So this yr and I am going to continue my workouts doing the biggest loser excerise dvd's Theres a few of them out there I have the cardio , power sculpt, boot camp and the yoga and i will continue with my spark page , and eating habits ... No one said its easy to do id love to hear from any others who like my self are working on improving and making a better you for them self , maybe we can be encouraging partners to each other !

3. My scrapbooking and card making goals for the year are as follows I want to do at least 250 of my own scrapbook pages , and 100 cards I am going to not join no where near the swaps if any at all this yr I really want to focus more on my own work and getting personal projects done and working on them . Plus i want to keep a better track of what all I do this year so come end of the year i know for sure my totals

4. this year i want to work on having a more positive and hopeful outlook and to look at things in a more joyful way . The glass half full instead of always being half empty :) Change is good and I think this year not only as I am turning 30 ( in 4 months eeeek) that the positive things i want to work on will not only make me a better and happier person but will also have a positive effect on my family and friends as well

5. I also want to be better about keeping my blog , my space page and my Stampin Up Web Site all updated and letting everybody know whats going on with those pages and parts of our life and what the upcoming events and things happening are !

These are just a few of the most important goals i have to work on for 2009 I am sure i will add to them over the year as i continue to work on the ones that I have listed ! I am wanting to find a good bible study that I can work on so if any one know of a good one please let me know Ive made one card already this year its for my mother in law her birthday was today so I have to get it out in the mail to her Monday ! So here's the first one of the 100 i want to do for the year !
I cased it off a card on splitcoast and used the stamp set Paris in the spring and the geometric background stamp then turned around and used colored pencils to color it in ! I hope she likes it she loves to shop so she should !

I hope that every one is having a blessed and wonderful 2009 so far ! Thanks for taking the time to read my goals and hopes for the new year ! May God be With you all and I hope you have a Happy New Year !



Bridgett said...

Great goals! Some of mine are similar to yours and I am excited to say that I am on my way to starting to achieve my goals!! I really like the card you made. It's bright and bold and the coloring is great! I know she will love the card!!!

Kathy W said...

good for you and all your goals! the card looks bright and happy!

Christina said...

Hreat goals hun! The card is wonderful!

Anna Banana said...

Hi Amber!
I just Love that vespa girl - such a cute card!
I think your goals are admirable and congrats on loosing so much weight so far!!

Anna Banana

Chrissy D said...

Great goals. I have mine in my head but would probably do better to write them down. heehee Happy New Year my friend! May God do His wonderful work in you this year, growing you closer to Him.

Leona said...

Happy new year hunny...

I hope you keep to your goals also.... fingers crossed keep up the good work in the weight loss...

kc_froglady said...

great sound like you have the plans drawn up here and I pray you can keep the focus and successfully check things off thru the year!