Tuesday, January 27, 2009

lots of things to share so beware itll be long :)

okay first of its here its here its here

Today is 1-27-2009 and FIREPROOF is officially in store today ! Check out the FIREPROOF BLOG and if you haven't seen the movie or read the book ! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ! And today on the 700 club they are going to be talking about the movie and the release of it !
and Yes as one can see I'm really excited about this movie and the book and I still stand by saying that i think every body should read it ! Married or not or even divorced it will open your eyes and remind you of the importance of God not only in your every day life but that it does take 3 to make a marriage work and that believing in God and handing everything over to him in any storm is so very important ! So go on now ! ChEcK iT oUt and let me know what you think if you've seen the movie or read the book ! ( is till say u gotta do both to get it all in )

Onto the next subject and info The new Stampin Up book is out and it does have some pretty cute new stamps in there plus a whole bunch of cute cute dies for the big shot so if you get the chance too check it out and don't for get how great it is to be able to shop from home in your PJ's ! :) if you have any questions please let me know id love to hear from you about it ! And help out any way i can !

Also I've been working on some cards I think I'm getting outta my mood for the month now , I made these all last weekend Fri and Sat in between cutting some stamps that I ordered from Bridgett from the angel company am going cross eyed haha from cutting and mounting but will be glad when I'm done cause I'm looking soo forward to playing with all my new ones ! But here are the cards that Ive made i am on a friendship kick as one can tell by these and the get well card is for a friend of mines daughter she broke her arm in several places so i wanted to make a little pick me up for Abby ! Enjoy and let me know what ya think here's the cards !

The sets i used for these are all Stampin Up and are Sugar and Spice (the 2 with the girls) Because of You ( the 2 with the flowers ) and the one with the houses is the right at home set I also used another set from SU with that one its a quote set but i forgot the name of it ..oooops !

Ive also been given some wonderful Blog awards by 2 very dear friends of mine Christina
gave me the kindred spirit award and this is what she wrote about me on it

Amber- for someone I have never met in real life we have been kindred spirits for almost 5 years. She makes me laugh everyday and isn't afraid to keep me grounded and lift my spirits when I need it. She truly is one of my biggest supporters , cheerleaders and best friends. She is a gift I cherish always. I don't think she knows just how much what she wrote means to me nor how much our friendship means ! There isn't much her and i haven't faced together and one day we will meet in person ! I just know it so thank you soo much Christina for that it truly means ALOT ! I will be passing this one on soon ! Am thinking still about it and who it goes too

And Tonya haha me and this girl have been through some mess both good and bad together over the years and she originally made this award for me a while back after we both got started in bloggers world and its funny cause its made its way back to us both now check out the story about it on her blog ! Thanks again girly for sending it back to me ! Thanks for everything and I do miss ya ! She also tagged me and u can read the story about that there but you had to post the 6Th picture in your 6Th album in my pictures well mine aren't in folders but this is kinda funny really this is the 6Th picture in mine and oddly enough it was taken with her , It was the first time wed seen each other again in like 11 years and we went to sears and took some pics and this was one of them , So how cool was it to be tagged ! And to boot the request of the tag took place with her ! haha Pretty cool huh!
As some of you know I am doing the Scripture Challenge with Christina and Bridgett (check back tomorrow on the blog as ill post my page for last week then ) but i just wanted to share with you guys lyrics to a song I came across from casting crowns this morning
Casting Crowns Prayer for a Friend
Lord I lift my friend to you
Ive done all that i know to do, I lift my friend to you
Complicated circumstances have clouded his view
And Lord I lift my friend up to you
I fear that I wont have the words, that he needs to hear
I pray for your wisdom oh God, and a heart that's sincere
And Lord I lift my friend up to you
Lord I lift my friend to you, my best friend in the world
I know he means much more to you
I want so much to help him, but this is something he has to do
And Lord I lift my friend up to you'
Cause there's a way that seems so right to him
But you know where that leads
He's becoming a puppet of the world
Too blind to see the strings
And Lord I lift my friend up to you
My friend up to you Lord I lift my friend to you
Ive done all that i know to do, I lift my friend to you
I wanted to share that because sooo often our friends mean so much to us and even tho we may not always tell them it don't take much to ask God to lift them up in Prayer also to help them in the things that may be going on in there lives , Troubles , Sorrows or Happiness even ! true friendships are so hard to find and are such a wonderful blessing !
I hope that you have a blessed and wonderful ! Remember to always keep your chin up in any storm and Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my ramblings ! God Bless
Proverbs 30-5 ~Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.


Tonya said...

Right on girl! David picked up FIREPROOF today!! I finally get to see this movie after waiting and waiting! The cards are great - as I told you the other day! I was looking those pics from my trip to FL just this morning...kinda funny that's the one you got to use. Also, I think you can safely from now on say "you like to journal"...after the page you showed me and this blog...well it must be true :) God Bless sister!

Kathy W said...

like the bright colors you chose for your cards

Christina said...

Well I am glad to let you know you mean the world to me too! funny for 2 people who never meet. The cards are fantastic daahhhh-ling.

kc_froglady said...

great cards! Love that you are creating and sharing again.