Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do You Ever Wonder ????......... Why

Due to some things that have gone on in the last 2 weeks Ive spent alot of time keeping more so to my self then usual , and while doing this I have had alot of time on my hands to think about situations and things that are going on in my world and in the world around me ,
I haven't done much of any crafting in the last 2 weeks really i have some Tn pages that I have done and need to post as i mentioned in a earlier post i did last week i think it was I will get around to them sooner or later ,
In the last 2 weeks tho I have dealt with certain people and issues that have sent my mind into a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions , and while some of whats gone on I truly don't understand I know that I cant change the way people feel about me , or why people do and say some of the things that they do .
On that note I haven't made it no secret in the last few months that I am working on me , a New me and a better me , and while on this path Its taken me down some long and winding roads that have made me open up my eyes to somethings , face fears and hurt and made me realize what is important to me in my life . And as we are coming into spring , the season of new growth and new life (even if the weather right now is still crazy and insane) I want to say a few things that I need to get off of my chest , In trying to improve my self I am doing the weekly bible study and its helped me alot and I am so enjoying doing it its helped me to open up my eyes to many things and see situations in a different light, In the last yr God has moved me in my life in so many ways and ways that I am very grateful for , but this change that Ive found in my self and that I am so proud of me for seems to have drawn a wedge in between me and a few other friendships that I have. And while it saddens me to have lost those friendships or not be as close to them any more as I once was I have to continue on this path and on the journey that God is leading me down right now , Because that is whats most important . We recently did the word Change in our bible study and this word means alot to me because I am ever changing but now I'm changing for the right reasons for God and for my self to improve me so that I am a better person for not only my self but for my husband , my kids and family and friends .
And while my Change maybe offends some people or drives people away I am grateful for each and every person that God has placed in my life because I know that they were there to teach me a lesson , show me the light and meaning , drive me to improve my self , or even to realize that there are things and people that I don't want to be like , Its also taught me that IT IS OKAY TO BE ME .. AND THAT I DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE ME TO MAKE ANY ONE ELSE HAPPY OR TO MAKE THEM WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME , If some one truly wants to be a friend to some one they will love and accept that person for who they are , We aren't perfect. there is no Manuel that says you have to do this to be a friend to some one , or that they expect certain things out of you and that you have to be or pretend to be something that you arent to make another person happy or want to be friends with you.. We all have faults and no one is perfect , sometimes we may forget to do or say something and it may offend others , we might not be as open about our feelings as others would like etc , we all have our faults , God didn't make any of us perfect he gives us the chance to make mistakes and run over the speed bumps in life to improve who we are and to teach us to trust in God with everything , to come to him in any storm and to know that He is there just waiting for us to talk to him and come to him with anything , Its taken me a LONG time to realize that and Ive hit them speed bumps in my life running 150 to nothing .. I am learning tho to slow down and appreciate life ., to stop and look around me and realize whats there and how important those things truly are to me and that GOD is so amazing and he is such a AWESOME GOD .

1 Peter 4 - 12-13Friends, when life gets really difficult, don't jump to the conclusion that God isn't on the job. Instead, be glad that you are in the very thick of what Christ experienced. This is a spiritual refining process, with glory just around the corner.

So while I have had issues and have been hurt alot in the last 2 weeks I have come to appreciate alot and realize even more , I thank God for showing me the lessons in the things that he has , and even more for giving me the strength and encouraging me to go on and face what lies ahead of me with my head held high.

So on that note if like me you've been faced recently with trouble and its got you wondering why and whats going on turn your thoughts and worries in prayer to God , he listens , and while we may not always get the answer that we are hoping or looking for there is a reason behind it , a lesson and brighter things ahead of us , Things happen for a reason I am grateful for each and every one that I do call a friend , and even those that are no longer in my life for what ever the reasons, I have needed to post this and its helped me to close the wounds that I am feeling , maybe now I can get back to scrapping and doing what I truly enjoy instead of wondering what I have done wrong , or why or what i have said or done to upset and make people mad !
If you've read this far thank you , I appreciate knowing that people do read what i write , I hope that if you have or are facing a problem with a friendship , situation money - job- life etc that you will remember that God is there and he does listen . Turn to him he helps to heal us all !

Have A Blessed and Wonderful Day

Thank You Dear Lord for all of the amazing things that you have brought into my life , the lessons Ive learned the troubles and trials that I have faced and all of the blessings that you have provided me with , My amazing and wonderful husband Jason . my blessings Neal Bret and BradLee , my Family and Friends and all of the things that mean so much to me , Thank you Lord for never turning your back or giving up on me and for always being there to listen when I have gone astray and come back with my fears and troubles .... Bless and guide us all Lord especially those that don't realize just how much they need you and how important that you are . Continue to guide me and mold me into what you have planed for me Lord , Bless your heavenly name


Tonya said...

That is a beautiful prayer Amber, and a wonderful good post! I hope that my Friendship post also helped you. I know you're struggling with a few things, that usually means Satan is trying to knock you down for one reason or another. Remember God first and the best will follow. I'm so proud of you and how far you've come. Don't give up! You can do this. You've got your priorities right, God, Husband, Family, and then Friends. Don't forget to tend those gardens, especially with Jason. Someday the nest will be emtpy and it will just be the 2 of you...unless you plan on moving family and friends into that nest then that garden needs as much tending to as your spiritual one. 2 become 1, remember? You and Jason are one, you can't be that with anybody else. I love you girl, hang in there...glory is just around the corner. :-)

Christina said...

I am at a loss here. I know this is hard on you. All I can do is try and be here for you!

Anita said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your journey in life. It is good to know that we all are changing and we hope it is for the better. I know change is hard and I too am working on me.

Little Miss Sparkle said... are truly a gift from God and your friends should feel lucky to have you...remember that some people come into our lives for a time...some for a season, and others for a lifetime. I am glad that you are in my SBS #24 group, because I plan on blogging with you until the Good Lord takes one or both of us to where the grass is greener! :)

Hang in there... can't promise when...but this too shall pass...Shannon