Thursday, March 5, 2009

Isnt he awesome ! -- hehe i think he is

Friday before last my husband surprised me and told me that he was coming home early from working out of town for the week, and for many of you , you know that hes been working out of town alot so far this year and I kinda disappear when its time for him to come home cause its normally just for a few days ,But I was having lunch with my mom at Applebees and my hubby called me and asked where we were at , so i told him and he said that he would meet us there , well he did and he walked in with the most beautiful flowers , They smelled soo good and I must admit i was all giddy and blushing when he walked in with them cause it was in the middle of the lunch rush ! So while i may be kinda fond of him i think that hes pretty amazing ! These flowers have lived for almost 2 weeks now and still smell amazing and brighten up my kitchen so much ! Make me think of him every time i walked passed them last week and smelled them ! Be on the look out Ive finally started my Tn scrapbook pages from our Vacation in 2007 i will be getting some of my pages posted soon ! its been a long week and a half and have had some things going on but i did want to share these ! hope you have a wonderful and blessed day !


Anita said...

How sweet! The flowers are so beautiful!

Christina said...

Yup he scored brownie points. LOL I guess you can keep him!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Oh Amber how lovely! They look just gorgeous.