Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remember me... lol im still here

I know its been a while sense i last posted am working on getting caught up on some pages I was able to escape for a week with my hubby while the kids were on spring break (much needed r and r ) and i even managed some pages for my tn book then last week was spent helping my mom get moved into there new place and getting my house straight and what not from being gone all the week before , Now I am catching up on my scripture pages and hope to post the ones Ive missed tomorrow ! But i did want to let ya know I'm still around , Hope every things going well for every one take care and God Bless


Christina said...

NO NO NO your scripture page is supposed to be up today...That's it I am cancelling the birthday present HE HE

Tonya said...

Hope you enjoyed your time away!