Monday, May 18, 2009

Been a busy week last week

I have gotten a few things done last Tue i stamped out 21 Thank you cards for a friend of mine as a wedding gift to her I am also making her a recipe box and have stamped out almost 200 cards for it . Pics of them to all come soon I have to make the dividers for the box and it will be done , My wonderful hubby came home Thur and as always we have been going non stop sense then it seems like ! Sat however we did go to the park and get some pics of the kids before the rain moved in then we sat and enjoyed a family picnic in the rain but it was nice we were under a pavilion ! Heres some pics of the kiddos tho , Ahh yes and to top off the weekend I either jammed or broke my toe last night . I was supposed to get back into the exercises this week.. Wonders how long it will take this to stop hurting and throbbing ! And my wonderful husband is working in town all week :) yayy I'm so excited to spend some time with him so if i don't post much this week well that will be why But I Hope you have had a blessed and wonderful weekend also !


Christina said...

Enoy your timt get lots done!

Julia Aston said...

Looks line you made the best of an overcast day! what a lovely family you've got there!