Friday, May 22, 2009

Schools Out For Summer --And A Proud Mamma Here

Well its official Schools Out For Summer ! The kids are happy and so am I but before school let out 2 of the boys Neal and BradLee got some pretty high awards for the end of the school year ,

Neal got his award for being in the top 10 students for the middle school for AR which is Accelerated Reader he came in like 5Th place over all which is pretty cool , I think this child read all year long I know hes read alot of books this year . He always has one in his hand haha not sure where he gets that from we all like to read around here . Hes going in to the 8Th grade tho he passed one more yr and hell be in high school my the time has flown by so quick. And BradLee got his award for Math he was most improved for the 4Th grade for Top Star Math Growth He really improved his math for the year and we are proud of both boys for the accomplishments . He is going into the 5Th grade .. Time sure has flown by with all 3 boys Bret is also going into the 5Th grade they all have said that they wanna make honor roll next year and do well so we will see , I hope that they do I know that they have it in them to do it ! But we are looking forward to summer and all the fun that it will bring do you have any summer plans ? Were hoping to go to Ga come the end of July for a few days with the kids if everything works out like were hoping !! So i hope that from our family to yours that you have a wonderful and fun summer , I'm hoping my self to get lots of scrapbooking done and reading some more on the books Ive bought ! Plus spending time with Jason and the boys ! Have a Great Summer Be Safe and God Bless


Christina said...

Congrats to the boys! I agree time flies too fast. Ryan will be a sophmore next yearACK 2 more years and i will be attending a graduation.Scary!

Kathy W said...

congrats, and enjoy the start of summer- we have another month to go before we are out!

Paul said...

We still have a few more weeks before our summer hols begin. Congrats to both the boys, sounds like they really worked hard this year.
P.S. The pencils I used are called Koh-i-noor and I blended them with Mineral Spirit (Gamsol/Sansodor). It was my first attempt but I'm going to keep on trying. All the supplies are available from and keep an eye out as she often does discounted/free worldwide shipping

Patti J. said...

You should be so proud of the boys, and pat yourself on the back too for a job well done! I read your other comments, and like Paul, I too, use the Kooh-I-Noor pencils and low odor mineral spirits. They blend beautifully!