Monday, October 6, 2008

haha its catch up time :)

Its A Girl~Its A Girl~

Well my Aunt and Uncles baby did arrive last week and as you can tell by the colors it was a girl shes a beautiful little thing I cant wait till Christmas when i get to hold her .. I havnt made my mind up wich baby card i want to send and with my sons bday party this last weekend i have been swamped and just got done finishing off 2 of them today and i may do another one ! But out of these 3 wich one is your favorite ? the second one is my first attempt at the explosion card they are pretty cool and super easy to make ! I got my scallop punch today in my SU order along with some new stamps and the new colors so im ready to play with all of those !

So wich card do you like the most !?

here are some pics from the birthday party this weekend we had a really good turn out there was 14 kids here lol sad thing most of them are family tho ! but every body had alot of fun and that was all that matters ! :) .....So I hope that BradLee really enjoyed his 10th birthday :) ..

So as i mentioned earlier i got a box of goodies from Stampin Up in today including the new scallop punch (LOVEEEEEE LOVE LOVE IT) I also got all the new "IN COLORS" and cant wait to use them and I got 5 new sets to play with I got Best Yet (level 1 ) A Flower For All Seasons , Harvest Home and the Fall Harvest wheel to match , Holiday Line Up and talebeau Of Terror :) so be on the look out ! i am sooooo looking forward to playing with my new sets and working on some pages ive got 54 more to go before the end of the yr to make my 150 personal page goal and I know I can do it !

I also wanted to share some pics of my scrappin space with every one ! Its not much but its mine and im proud of it ! :) these are all my stampin up sets only they are on that shelf double sided so what u see in that pic looks just like it on the other side this houses some of my mis stamps , embossing powders paper embelishments , finished pages and what ever else haha this all my extra ink pads that wont fit in my spinner i need another one cause i have 7 more new ones now to put up some where haha and my pattern paper and cardstock and scraps that im currently using are also here and half of my 9 foot table this is my workspace lol and what it looked like before the birthday party saturday right now it looks like this and yes sadly miss sassy is still as i type this laying in the middle of my of my spot crazy cat 50 million other places in the house the cat can lay and right in the middle of my workspot is her favorite spot ! Gotta Love Her !
Any hoooo theres my update for the week haha sorry its taken me so long folks to reupdate things have been crazy and ill try and get another update in in the next few days with some finished projects I have some things brewin and belive it or not behind the cat there are a few stacks of pictures that are waiting to be worked on !
Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day ! God Bless and Be With Everyone !


Christina said...

I like the expolsion card!

Bridgett said...

It's really hard for me to choose. I like them all but the "B" card stands out to me...I like the letter and the bunny! I am sure they will love whichever one you choose, though!

Kathy W said...

I like the B card, tfs your stamping space, I love seeing how it works for others.

Chrissy D said...

I do not think I officially came here and welcomed you to the group, Amber! Forgive me. I am Chris! Aren't cats the meow? They crack me up how they think they own whatever space they are in. We have 2 cats. :) Chris Sbs-24

Anna Banana said...

Hello! I love that baby card with the bunny on the B - I'm partial to bullies tho - my maiden name means rabbit in Italian!!

Anyway - I also love your scrap space - looks like everything has it's place... Including the fur baby!!


Anna Banana said...

OOPS - in my last post I made a big typo - I spelled bullies instead of bunnies- quite different - don't ya think??

Leona said...

wow you have been busy i love the exploding card i also like making these and dont think i make enough of em lol also i have an award for you on my blog!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

I like all of the cards Amber but I think my favorite one is the B card.
Love your stamping space!

Julie sbs-24

Anonymous said...

B shaped... Lucky you, you have a scrap space

Kerry D-C said...

These are all great baby cards! Hard to choose just one! I love that you did them in purples.