Friday, February 6, 2009

my thought for the day !

I started this blog thing cause of Christina i must admit and even tho I don't always keep up with it I do enjoy doing it , Its a great way for me to share with everybody what is going on in our world my crafting works and even my journey with making a better me with my weight loss , my walk with God and how wonderful FAITH is and the amazing ways that God is blessing our lives !

Everybody likes a little blogger love and the comments always make us feel good ! I am trying to do better about posting comments on everybody pages but when ya stop in and visit leave some love man !~

Also I am a SU demo and have been for a little over 5 yrs now ( honestly cant believe its been that long ) Right now Sale A Bration is going on right now and this year they have some pretty cute sets that you can get free with the purchase of 50 dollars or more ( for every 50 US spent you get to receive one of the Sale A Bration sets for free ) You can check out the details on my web site here and even order straight from the web site or contact me about any questions you have or if your interested in placing a order , Stampin Up has gotten so much more stuff then what they had 5 yrs ago when I started and its not just about Rubber Stamping any more theres alot there so check it out !

I very much enjoy seeing everybody blogs when i do check them out and all the wonderful creations that are being made that are just beautiful , Is also alot of really wonderful Cards and items of Faith being made right now , I think that's awesome that so many people are taking a stand for there beliefs and are proud to talk about GOD and the amazing things that he does ! I am doing the scripture page with Christina and Bridgett and I do believe that Tonya is going to start doing them too but I love reading others blogs also that are showing there Faith and Love in other ways ! Even for each other ! With the world in the current state that its in right now I feel its so important for every body to stand up and Tell one another about GOD and just how amazing he is ! If we all stood up and just told one person about our Faith can you imagine just how big of a rush would sweep this world if we all just spoke up !


We are taking the kids to Winter Jam tomorrow and its going to be a family event for us cause not only are we all going but my parents will go and also family friends are going with us with there sons I am hoping to take alot of pictures if we are able too but we are soo excited I cant wait to be there and just feel Gods presence in a building with so many others there to do the same and worship and praise God There are some amazing artist going to be there this yr ! So be on the look out for my post about that coming up in the next few days !

Well folks im trying to get my crafting mojo back so if ya have any ideas to snap me back into the mood please snap away ive got 600 and something Tn Vacation pictures to scrapbook from 2007 , and about a million other things i want to work on and do this yr ! So some one please send me my groove back!

I hope you guys have a blessed and wonderful day ! Thanks for stopping by and sitting for a spell ( sorry folks i cant write short blogs some one needs to install that stop button on me ) But if ya have made it this far thanks for reading it ! Leave some love and Have a Blessed and Wonderful day and I hope you have a awesome weekend !

God Bless



Christina said...

Let it pour otu sister! I hope you have a great time at your concert. Send some love this way!
Now about that mojo maybe its the fact that you keep repeating that number of pics to yourself and it seems daunting. STOP IT!

Tonya said...

Christina is right Amber - stop thinking about HOW MUCH you have and just enjoy the creating, babe!

Bridgett said...

You will love Winter Jam and I am eager to hear all about it! I know it seems like a lot to work through...all those photos and projects but take time too scan pages of ideas to create some inspiration and work a little at a time. Don't put so much pressure on yourself! Look at how much you've already done!!!!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Enjoy your winter jam Amber!
You will get your mojo back soon, just don't worry about it:-).


Kathy W said...

nice thoughts for the day!