Monday, February 9, 2009

WINTER JAM ! 2009 -- was AMAZING !

We went Saturday night to Winter Jam -- if you ever have the chance to go to one of these ohhh its amazing to say the very least ! To be in a place filled with 1000's of people most of which was kids and teenagers young adults, The over all experience for my was great to see my family and loved ones worship together with all the people there .. words cant even begin to describe the many emotions that I felt ! It was very much so worth the drive and the money to go see and experience ! Some of what we saw well wow where to start ,
Stephanie Smith was the first artist that came out to preform and she was really good , we all liked her Then pure NRG come out and the boys really really like them alot , they were a very good band tho I do see having to buy there cd's for the kids as they come out and i think it was pretty cool for the boys to see that even young artist can share there love for God and Praise him and not be ashamed to admit there love for God ! Then Francesca Battistelli was the next artist that preformed and she had a amazing voice i really enjoyed listening to her sing her songs Next was Newsong , they were soo cool and had some awesome music , ive always liked there music but to see them in concert was cool because they are just uplifting . HawkNelson was next and they were cool I've heard there music before but not what they played that night ! But alot of the teenagers really got into them and you could just feel it in the room when they started to perform and ive looked up more of the music online sense we come home and it is good ! my boys even liked it :) Next speaker Tony Nolan came out and if you haven't ever heard this man talk ,, and if you get the chance to please do ! Because he is so funny and straight forward and very bluntly to the point but i soo liked him and the way he spreads Gods word is amazing He brought so many people that night between the praise and worship of the artist and his words and the amazing power of God there were so many that rededicated and dedicated there lives to Christ , My Self and 2 of my sons included and im sure so many more but he was truly amazing and at the moment when they asked those to stand that dedicated there lives ohh you could feel Gods presence everywhere in that room and I was shaking so bad from seeing the boys standing that i couldn't even get a picture of them but it was a amazing feeling as a mother to see that and be a part of it .. But it was so cool ! After that Brandon Heath came out and he is another artist that we all like in our house his song Give Me Your Eyes is so good and so true i wish every one would just stop for a second and listen to the words and take them to heart , put them into use with there every day lives !
There were so many people there , it was so cool tho seeing all of people there and to see them all worshiping Christ ~ After Brandon was done singing his song Toby Mac Brought the house down with his group with a amazing performance and all I can saw was WOW they are awesome it was so upbeat and the place went wild with the love of Christ ! If you haven't heard the song Jesus Freak from Toby Mac and DC Talk , listen to it cause I am proud to Admit it that I am a Jesus Freak and i would like to see everybody i know follow the example and STAND UP for Jesus and show this world that as Christians we cant be shoved in a corner and hushed !" id="W492da13d111f5ab44991bbf230c53bea" width="300" height="270">" />">Dan Bern Lyrics">Jesus Freak Lyrics

Can you guess what these next pictures are of ? It was really cool they told everybody to take there cell phones out and then they turned the lights off and told everybody to turn there phones on ! it was really cool as the boys said it looks like starts all over the room , . I know I've rambled on and I am sorry if it don't make alot of sense but the whole event was awesome we enjoyed it alot and Are even talking about going next yr ! Take a moment if you get the chance to look at the rest of the pictures in the slide show I posted some of my favs here to show some of the artist and what not ! I hope you've enjoyed the post as much as I have in writing it , We are blessed and I am so glad that we got the chance to go We went as a group of us it was Me , Jason , the boys and my Mom and Dad and Ernie and Tammy with there 2 boys the experience of us all being there together was great ! And we all had a good time !
Looking forward to next year ! Thanks for reading this far have a blessed and a wonderful day !! And im proud to admit it I AM A JESUS FREAK ARE YOU !

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Tonya said...

From on Jesus Freak to another, glad you had a great time and a wonderful experience.

Christina said...

Glad it was awesome for you! Sounds like a lot of fun!

tkattam4 said...

we had an amazing time to. the concert was not what ernie expected but we enjoyed it even more. the boys had a awesome time. including ernest even tho he was bored and all some of the time. that is just him tho. hope we all can maybe go next year and make it even better with other people to.

Bridgett said...

Awesome experience and keep cultivating your faith and the seeds of faith that were planted in you and your sons that night. Nurture it and stay in the Word. God will grow you all into spiritual giants if you follow Him!

kc_froglady said...

wow - looks like you had a marvelous time!